London, United Kingdom.

About William E

I have over twenty years teaching experience. My teaching experience has always been predominantly within the age group of 11 and 18+. However, through my years of tutoring, I have realised I could teach KS2.
During my years of teaching in schools, I had positive feedback from my lesson observations and Ofsted inspections.
I am a multilingual teacher. I speak French, English and Spanish. My background as a multilingual helps me to infuse interest in my learners. I teach French up to KS5, English up to KS4 and Spanish up to KS3. I have also been trained to teach Maths up to KS4. I am pleased to inform you that all my five students I tutored in Maths last year passed their GCSE with Grades 5-7( 1 grade 5 and the rest grade 7).
I would like to share the example of Michael with you.
Michael was very weak at Maths.His parents approached me about his achievement at the beginning of the academic year 2016. They worried about his predicted Maths grade which currently stood as F. I accepted to help him and after few weeks he started to show remarkable improvement. Thanks my intervention, Michael passed his GCSE Maths with A grade.This success came down to the time I invested and efforts I deployed in order to support him.
I have been tutoring for over 8 years.I have found tutoring very rewarding as I am able to track and follow the progress of my learners.
I don’t take my teaching lightly. Most of my colleagues and friends see me as a dynamic and resourceful teaching professional with genuine interest in pupils’ learning.
My aim is always to provide ways that will stimulate students’ learning and encourage them to have confidence in themselves and realise their full potential.