Welcome to Home Tuition-Ed Plus

Home Tuition –Ed Plus is a registered agency, which was founded in 2005. Over the past seven years we have helped both children and adults achieve their learning goals.

The first lesson always starts with an assessment. This assessment is important and necessary, as this will determine the area of weakness or strengths of the students. We believe that children thrive better in their learning when they are challenged and are interested in the subject they are being taught.

We aim to make the tuition as fun and engaging as possible, helping the student to excel. This method of teaching will in turn make the tuition enjoyable for both the tutor and the tutee alike.

Regarding tuition, it is advisable for parents to book in the hours and subjects with the agency during the month of August in preparation for the next academic year. This will enable us to allocate tutors in advance of the tuition. This needs to be discussed and arranged with fees payable four weeks in advance. This is to ensure planning for resources and arrangements of lessons.